Playtech opts to upgrade online casino game security measures

If you sat down and asked players what they felt the most important element within an online casino is, you can be sure that plenty enough will say security. Given that players now live and play in age in which hacking and security breaches are becoming more and more common. The onus is now on online casino developers and operators to protect players. While already one of the safest online casino development companies in the world, Playtech have taken a step forward in terms of security by introducing new payment services and identity protection methods.

GBG Security Support

It is clear that in 2015 the need for effective data protection is as important as ever, with new solutions being needed to keep unwanted intruders at bay. Expanding their operations through several new deals, Playtech are clearly taking new security threats seriously. In order to assure that Playtech backed online casinos are only accepting members who are who they say they are, they have agreed to work with known identity intelligence specialists GBG. What the new working relationship will mean is that Playtech will be able to utilise GBG’s verification and identification solutions to help tighten the grip on membership authentication. Access to such system will allow Playtech to do instant ID searches for new members to see their prior history with regards to online casino gaming and possible blacklist status. Speaking on the matter Peter Murray (GBG Head) said that he was encouraged by Playtech’s focus on player protection. He said, “It is obvious that Playtech wish to build an environment in which players feel safe and it is our goal to help them achieve that. From now on Playtech will feature GBG powered ID verification”.

Alternative Reasoning

While many believe that the new security measures are coming about for the benefit of the players, there seems to be another reason for the new working relationship with GBG. Playtech are currently in the process of moving forward with a deal to acquire Plus500, a known online trading broker. The deal itself is in its final stage and has resulted in many investors looking over Playtech and evaluating the company’s security measures. This has seemingly triggered a reaction from Playtech to tighten up and improve security measures moving forward. The total cost of the deal ranks at around £460 million and will see Playtech be able to offer financial betting markets moving forward. All things considered, the deal is set to be wrapped-up this autumn.

Increased Measures

By checking out the new casino list at, you’ll quickly find that Playtech are one of the leading online casino software developers in the world today, as most of the brands listed are working with them. But as the industry progresses, so do the untoward parties that want to attack online casinos from every angle. Thankfully, whether it is due to player commitment or potential new shareholder commitment, Playtech have increased security measures. The new working arrangement with GBG assures players moving forward that Playtech games will remain as safe as ever.